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WordPress 3.6 Will Launch In April With New Features

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

WordPress is the best platform for blogging. It is a open source free blogging software. You don’t need to know any coding to install WordPress in Blog. To create a dynamic or a blog site, WordPress is the best platform.


On December 11, 2012 previous version WordPress 3.5 launched. Then on 24th January, 2013 WordPress 3.5.1 update version launched. But now it assumes that update version WordPress 3.6 will launch in April 2013. Some update features already revealed which we’ll see in the upcoming version WordPress 3.6. You can also read the post where I told about previous WordPress version 3.5 & WordPress Version 3.4.1.


By reading the features, you’ll understand that these awesome features will make WordPress more popular as blogging platform.


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Upcoming features Of WordPress 3.6:

Post Lock Feature:

Editorial control feature is called post lock feature. This feature will helpful for multiple authors. For example, when anyone writing an article & if he locks the post, other authors will not edit the post or work on it unless he removes the lock.

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Update Autosave Feature:

We can see some tremendous improvement in Autosave feature.  In the upcoming version, the unsaved post will be saved in browser’s local storage. So it will prevent the losing posts due to cookies, disturbance of internet connection, plugin or core errors on save, browser crashes, OS crashes etc.

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Update Post Revisions feature:

Post Revisions will help you identify the changes between different versions. The changes will be highlighted with different colors, so you can easily understand the difference between them.

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Update feature Of Twenty Thirteen theme:

In WordPress 3.6 Twenty Thirteen, the default WordPress theme, will have more features than previous one. You can use different types of background color for each post. It looks great when anyone scroll downs the post or page. Twenty Thirteen will be fully responsive and support all browsers & Operating System. Recently a new free WordPress themeSimplify was added in official WordPress site which got huge response. You can also check this awesome Simplify theme.


Update Login Notifications feature:

Sometimes when you are working in WP site, suddenly you’ll see session expires. You need to log in again & find the previous saved one then start work again. This new login notification feature will tell the user to login without leaving the page or site.


According to me, WordPress authority gives more focus in Content Editing features. We have still some times left before releasing WordPress 3.6. So we can still count some new more features. what do you think about these new features?


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