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Winner Of Highest Commentator of February Month

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Hello all bloggers. It is pleasure to announce the winner of February month, 2012. I already declared a competition – Comment n Win Banner Ads Space at the start of 2012.

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At first I thank to all bloggers & readers who visited my site & takes their valuable time to comment. I am glad to announce top highest commentator. Remember all comments are monitored by  top commentator plugin. So there is no partiality.

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In this picture you can see top highest commentators of January. This month’s winners is Sunil. Congrates to you. I’ll mail you soon to send your site link banner (125*125) format. I’ll add your site banner in my front page.

Cheers to winner & best of luck to other bloggers for next time. If you want to participate in this contest, read the rules & regulations on comment system.

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