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Windows 8 Security Features Explained

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Yes, I did it! I used Windows 8 and security in the same line! Microsoft’s new brainchild sure is eye candy, but the real deal is the ‘security violin’ that the company plays. Now, before I make a monkey out of myself, I’ll get down to business and tell you a little about these improvements. Today I’ll describe on Windows 8 Security Features.


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Entering Apple’s Turf :

One of the major differences between a Mac and a PC was the way they booted. Unlike BIOS on PCs, Macs have had their boot sequence initiated by what is called UEFI. The UEFI is a firmware interface that allows only digitally signed operating systems to be installed and initiated. With this feature being rolled out, the company expects to weed out all sorts of rootkit tweaks.

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The anti-phishing Tool :

The feature called Smart Screen, which was introduced in Internet Explorer, is now being integrated into the operating system. It doesn’t matter what web browser you use to download files, Smart Screen uses the MD5 check sum to go through its database and it sees if other users have downloaded the same file. A rating system is also used to check the integrity of the file and this should help Windows 8 (and its users) detect fake executable and other add-ons.


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The Defender :

Microsoft released Security Essentials a while ago; now an improved anti-virus app comes bundled with the operating system. Windows Defender, as Microsoft calls it, seems to have a fairly high detection rate and the test results have been impressive. Another new feature called ELAM takes care of the application loading priority and sees to it that Windows Defender loads first. Earlier, there were malware that were up and running – well before anti-virus tools even loaded. Windows Defender along with ELAM takes care of this.

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Smartphone Like Passwords :

Apart from the traditional alpha-numeric pass codes, Windows 8 now gives you the option to use pictures and gestures. Key loggers can be evaded by using this feature and trust me, the picture pass codes are fun to use! You can also check article on How To Make Strong Password.


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Sandboxing :

With the new app store from Microsoft, Windows users can have that ‘sigh of relief’. Apps and their updates available through the online store are sandboxed and AppContainer ensures that they are free of malware. The AppContainer also has a restore feature and if things go wrong or if there is an infection, you can restore the computer to its previous state.

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Corporates Can Be Glad :

The Group Policy feature has a lot of improvements, especially when it comes to file handling and file integrity. Apart from the restrictions that enterprises use, improvements in Windows 8 include the ability to change attributes without creating new user groups. This is a time saving feature for corporates and since you aren’t associated with a lot of groups, the network functionality is fast.

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Self Encrypted Devices :

Microsoft ships SEDs and since this is a security based on hardware, you can be sure that your data is secure. With SEDs you don’t have to key in pass codes. The data on the hard disk is encrypted and only a hardware key can decrypt it.

With Windows 8, I feel that Microsoft has really worked on to improve security. Nonetheless, if you’re building a LASER in space and planning to conquer the world, I suggest that you keep the blueprints elsewhere.


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