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Why Providing Online Customers with Tracking Information

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Online shopping is far different than shopping in a physical store for myriad reasons, and it is important to think about these differences when constructing a store of your own. For example, the mere idea of a shopping cart is far different because an online cart has to provide people with information, such as the total value of everything that they have added to it, before taxes and shipping. Another thing to think about is the fact that people are buying things – and paying right away for them – that they do not actually expect to own for a week or more. 

backlinkOf course, anyone who starts shopping online will tell you that they expect this, but the reality of the situation is that they have expectations about what will happen that sometimes do not fit with what is actually happening. If you read some reviews, you will find that many people complain about it taking too long for their shipments to arrive, even though they arrived within the estimated time frame. For example, someone might give a low rating in a review, saying that they felt like they had to wait forever, because it took 11 days for their products to arrive. Despite the fact that the projected arrival time was 10-14 days, they felt like it should have been there in only four or five.

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There are numerous reasons why this happens. One is that great shipping times have become the norm. A lot of companies still quote 10-14 days, but it really only takes four in most cases. At first, people were excited about this, but now they are frustrated when it does not happen. Another reason is that people forget that the estimates are for business days, so they count weekends in their assumptions, even though the packages are not moving.

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One of the very best ways to combat this is simply to give your customers tracking information as soon as you send out the package. Send them a link that they can click on to see where the package is, when it left your facility and when it is expected to arrive. This is going to be updated each time that it is scanned at a new facility, so they can track it all the way to their house. If they can get details like this, it helps to keep their expectations on target with reality, and they will leave better reviews because of it.


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