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Which Is Better – Apple iPhone 5 or HTC Windows Phone 8X

Written by Ahsanul Karim

The two companies leading in the industry, the two companies known for their innovation and the two companies that are always compared! Apple and HTC have always released high-end products. The devices are instant hits and there are always people waiting in line to buy the devices on its release date. The name Apple and HTC are a force to be reckoned.


Here is the ultimate face-off between Apple’s iPhone 5 vs HTC’s Windows Phone 8X :


iPhone 5 Vs. HTC Windows Phone


Windows Phone 8X:

The most stylish handset released by HTC. Windows 8 looks like it’s been custom-made for the phone. The User Interface is simple and clean. The phone gives a premium feel and the build quality is excellent. The front camera is 1.3 megapixels and it comes with an ultra-wide lens. You will know the usefulness of the lens when you video chat. The Operating System is fast and there is no lag when you open apps or use the cameras. It comes with the dual-core Snapdragon processor and a 4.3 inch super LCD display.

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One of the disadvantages is that the operating system used in the phone does not offer any multi-tasking functionality. In short, the HTC 8X scores high marks when it comes to design, software and hardware. It is not a great camera phone. People looking out for a powerful phone may not have all their requirements met in 8X.


iphone 5


iPhone 5:

The most awaited phone of 2012. The visible changes made to the 5th version are that it has been made longer and sleeker. The phone looks cool and sophisticated. The 4-inch screen can accommodate an extra row of apps. The lightning charge port used in the phone is smaller and works equally efficiently. iPhone 5 supports the latest 4G LTE network. The touch screen as usual is the best and equally responsive. There are a few tweaks to the camera features.

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On the other side, you have to buy a separate adapter as the lightening post is not compatible with the older devices’ cables and connectors. There are no inspirational changes to the iPhone 5 which may not encourage a lot of people to buy it. Thankfully, Apple has made Google maps compatible to their latest operating system.

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Who is The winner – Apple iPhone 5 or HTC Windows Phone 8X :

Though iPhone 5 did face a lot of criticism, no one can deny its quality and build. It has provided a tight integration between an Operating System and a smartphone’s hardware to produce a pleasurable experience for every user. The intuitive User Interface provides the best and comfortable experience for every user. The frequent updates made to the iOS encourage people to buy the phone. If you are looking for value for money, it is not the iPhone 5 as 4G comes with more or less similar configurations. Many might find HTC to be an easier bet for its price. However, for those who don’t mind spending those extra bucks and are looking for excellent User Interface bundled with a powerful phone, it is definitely the iPhone 5.

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There are so many smartphones available in the market now. People can choose low-range or high-range phones based on their budget. The price plays a key role with the popularity of a phone. There are a few phones like the iPhone that people are eager to buy despite its price!

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So Guys Which Smartphone Do You Want To Buy – iPhone 5 or HTC Windows Phone 8x?


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