What is Good Title & What Is Bad Title

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Bloggers are increasing rapidly. We see lots of revolutionary movement started from the hands of bloggers writings. But blogging is a challenge now a days. Every blogger wants to compete with each other in his writing style, theme layout etc. So every blogger should think some innovative idea to sustain in bloggers community.

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You already read my Title. Today I’ll represent what is the good title & what is the bad title. A title represents your article’s inner content. Your title should be catchy. Many readers read only Title. Then they decide if they will read the content or not. A proverb says 1st impression is the best impression. So a blogger must keep his eye in TITLE.


Here are some example of GOOD & BAD title. I hope you understand it easily by reading all.

Bad Titles:


Best Gold Jewelry Resources – (Who are you to decide it is best resources?)

#1 Gold Jewelry Blog (#1?)

GOLD JEWELRY BLOG (All capital letters)

Gold Jewelry blog | Articles and Resources (Separated two titles with | )

Free Gold Jewelry Articles!! (Using exclamatory symbols)

Gold Jewelry blog and useful articles on Diamond jewelry like history of Diamond jewelry. (Too long title) (Just the domain name?)


Good Titles:

Goldjewelry – Gold Jewelry Blog

Goldjewelry – A Gold Jewelry Blog

Collen’s Gold Jewelry Blog


You can get lots of examples of good and bad titles for DMOZ submissions


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