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Web Design Tips for an Ecommerce Website

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Having an E-Commerce website means that you won’t necessarily be able to express your creativity like you could if you simply had a blog or a photography portfolio. But that doesn’t mean that your website has to be completely lacking in color and snappy designs.


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With website design ecommerce, you simply need to make sure you maintain a healthy balance of easy viewing and navigation, while still having some freedom to add personal touches.
Firstly, make sure that your navigational links are easy to find. These should be placed in the header of your website, or at the very top of your sidebar. Use bold text and uppercase lettering to distinguish these important links from other links on your website – you can even use colored backgrounds and borders to help them stand out further.

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The shopping cart is the next most important visual element of your website, and it must be easy to find. Consider using a traditional shopping cart or shopping basket icon next to the word “cart”, which should be capitalized and made bold, and of course placed somewhere prominent – such as the top left or right side of your navigation. When customers are browsing your website and adding items to their shopping cart, it’s reassuring for them to be able to see their cart and its contents update live, without them having to hunt around for the shopping cart link.

Use call-to-action terminology for adding items to the shopping cart. For these links it’s a good idea to use colorful buttons, such as a rectangular green button with bold black or white text in the middle. Suggested terminology includes “add to cart“, “buy now“, and “check for in-store availability“.

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A search bar should also be in a prominent location on your website – perhaps right underneath or next to your primary navigation. If programming will allow for it, use auto-complete functions within your search bar so that if a custom begins to type in a term, such as “yellow”, then items that match that — such as “yellow umbrella” — will show up in a drop-down menu. Remember, the easier your site is to search, the more likely it is that customers will look up items and ultimately purchase them.


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