Verify Birth Registration or Birth Certificate in Just 1 Minute

Written by Ahsanul Karim

In Bangladesh, we generally take Birth Certificate from Ward Commissioner or Chairman.  Today I will teach you how to verify Birth Registration or Birth Certificate through online.


Birth Certificate Verification

Click Verify Birth Certificate.


Now enter your birth certificate birth registration number &

Enter your date of birth in order DATE-Month-Year.

Now, click on the Verify button.

If your birth certificate is digitally registered, you’ll see details.

Otherwise if the Matching Birth Records Not Found, your birth certificate is neither digital nor manual or fake birth registration has been obtained.

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How to Apply for Birth Registration Online:

Click Apply Birth Registration Online & collect the application form. You’ll also check at what stage of your submission application


In Birth registration you need to input person’s name, gender, date of birth and place, parents’ names, their nationality, present and permanent address etc.

The Birth Registration Act states that birth registration is mandatory for every person born in Bangladesh, irrespective of age, ethnicity, religion or nationality.


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