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Using the Best MKV Converter In The Market

Written by Ahsanul Karim

The popularity of MKV format has increased ever since video streaming has become popular. The increased popularity has made some people upload video files in MKV which enables the users to choose multiple audio tracks. The Matroska Video also known as MKV format is however, not played by several video player and in order to view those videos, you need a proper video converter. The vice versa is also true when you want to convert any other format to MKV for better quality and editing. If you are looking for such a video converter, you can check out the Movavi MKV converter that is equipped with features that will make perfect conversion.

Movavi MKV converter

Why Choose Movavi?

Movavi MKV converter is the best choice when you are converting file formats such as AVI, VOB, M2TS, MP4, and AVCHD to the MKV format or doing just the opposite. The all in one tool is adept for 180 media formats and you can save them on 200 mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, Sony PS4 and more. In short, it covers most of the major devices that people use and the ease of use makes it a must have app. The windows application can even trim the video and resize it to fit your requirement.

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How to Use Movavi MKV converter?

It is quite easy to use the converter. If you are a basic computer user, you will not face any problem in the same.

  • The first step would be to download the software from the website of the company. You just need to follow the onscreen instruction and the software will be installed in your device.
  • The interface of the software is intuitive. Select the format of the video you want to convert and choose the video in order to make the conversion. The ‘add video’ option in the software will allow you to choose the video from the device.
  • The convert to option is there to make you choose the resulting video format. You just need to select the desired format and you are good to go.
  • Don’t forget to choose the location where the resultant video is going to be saved. Once you have chosen the desired location, click on convert. Your whole video will be converted to the format that you want.
  • You can even burn the MKV file to DVD and enjoy the video on large screen.
  • Incorrect aspect ratio problem can be sorted out by the software.

MKV converter is a must have these days for people who love viewing videos. Download it today, and enjoy uninterrupted video viewing. There are many sites which have FAQ section on how to use MKV converter which will definitely help you in making the whole process easier for you.

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