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Use Swiss Army Knife As Android App In Your SmartPhone

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Have you ever heard about Swiss Army Knife? It’s a multi-function software combination of life travel and military combat. Now a days we love to have all important features should be kept in our smartphone. Swiss Army Knife is like that. It has all daily needs. We can call it All in 1 tool.


swiss army android app


In this Swiss Army Knife android appYou’ll get eight functions –

  • Simple measure,
  • Flashlight,
  • Compass,
  • Bubble level,
  • Cross vertical measure,
  • Plumb,
  • Distance measure and
  • Magnifier.

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Detailed features of Swiss Army Knife Android App:


Simple Measure


1.Simple Measure:

It is a combination of Ruler and Protractor.

Ruler: It shows accurate scale in centimeters and inches on the phone screen.

Protractor: It measures angles from 0 to 180. The size of different angles are accurate.

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It has variety of light colors to choose from pre-selected color. You can also control built-in flashlight and optimize the screen light’s color.

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It has all features like real compass.


Bubble level


4.Bubble level:

It is a real bubble level tool to check if the objects are level or not. If they are level, the bubble will remain at the center position of the level; if not, the bubble will move to the higher position.

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Cross Vertical Measure


5.Cross Vertical Measure:

When you open the camera, a live-action on the screen background tell you if the items or pictures are hung crooked and the angle of deviation can be learned too.



Plumb tells people if the items are vertical and showing the angle of deviation as long as the camera is on.


Distance measure


7.Distance Measure:

You can use your phone to measure the distance between any object and check as well as its height.





You can convert your phone into a digital magnifying glass with built-in camera. It’s very helpful when you need to read small printing or if you don’t want to wear the glasses.


Information On Swiss Army Knife Android App:

UPDATED: June 13, 2012



SIZE: 2.6M


Download Link: Swiss Army Knife Android App


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