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Two Strategies For Adding SEO Value To Affiliate Content

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Affiliate programs usually have little to do with SEO, since they involve putting paid links out there, which the search engine’s crawlers will treat accordingly. However, there are several ways of getting your content out on your affiliates’ sites, while also getting an SEO-valuable link back to your own site. Here are two innovative strategies that your affiliate management services team might consider implementing.

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Clean links in YouTube Videos:

Some YouTube videos do come with backlinks that will only ‘sully’ your link profile and make the Googlebot do a double take, when it comes to their quality and relevance. However, it is perfectly legitimate to add a clean link to a YouTube video, produced in order to promote one of your products or services. If you do have branded video content available online, it’s usually a good idea to have your affiliates share the videos, via YouTube’s embed tool. Not only will this benefit you, since you’re getting more inbound links, but it’s a strategy that also stands to benefit your affiliates. By having video content on their sites, said affiliate will make their site more relevant to the particular e-commerce niche you are active on. To improve your site SEO, you can check Top Directories To Submit Your Articles For SEO.


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Watching informative videos will, in turn, make potential clients more interested in the target of said links and increase the affiliates’ odds at bringing in sales. As such, on the one hand, your affiliates are effectively strengthening their website, content-wise, and, on the other, you are gaining backlinks to your site, as well as garnering more views to your very own YouTube channel. In the beginning of your efforts to get affiliates to share your video content, you might want to throw in a monetary incentive as well, such as promising to increase sales commissions for those affiliates who do embed your YouTube videos. You can also check How to Submit Your site In popular search engine In a minute 🙂


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Power up your widgets:

Some commercial websites have widgets and iFrames in place, on their affiliates’ websites, which pull content from the original site and only display a selection of said content. Embedded content usually includes no links, which means you’re not getting any link juice from it, or garnering any SEO benefits from it. However, one solution to this issue is that you can wrap the widget or preferred form of dynamic content in an html frame that also includes a link. This strategy also comes with benefits for everyone involved: you are getting a link back to your site, while the affiliate increases their odds at showing up in the SERPs by adding an extra bit of searchable content to their site. Just make sure the link in the html is visible, so as not to fall under the description of what Google might deem black- or grey-hat.


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