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Translate Facebook Language With Mozilla Addon

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Facebook is the most popular social network. There are lots of apps to make Facebook more user friendly. Today I’ll share a special tips by which you can convert Facebook language to other languages according to your wish.

If you are a Mozilla user, you can do this easily by installing Mozilla Addon – Facebook Translate.  This addon translates status updates and comments on Facebook.

"facebook translate mozilla addon"


Visit Facebook Translate addon site

Click Add To Firefox.

Its size 265 kb.

It will start downloading.

Then Click Install Now.

Now restart Firefox.


The add-on doesn’t load the Translation links by default. In order to add the ‘Translate’ links to your Facebook, you will have to activate the add-on by clicking either the urlbar or the the toolbar button.

If you would like to specify what to add, clicking the toolbar button arrow will pen a menu where you can choose whether to add ‘Translate’ links to either only status updates or comments only. Clicking the toolbar button will result in adding all ‘Translate’ links. (Read: Know Facebook Status Notification Easily By Mozilla Addon)


You can also choose different languages:

To select language : Tools > Add-ons > Facebook Translate > Preferences


You can follow Facebook Translate page on


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