Track Your Site Visitors With WassUp Real Time Analytics Plugin

Written by Ahsanul Karim

We, the bloggers always worried how much visitors are visiting our site, how many page view or how long they stayed in our site etc. No more worry. Today I’ll share a WordPress plugin by which you can get detail statistics of a visitor. 

WassUp is one of the best WordPress plugins to track all site visitors in real-time & offline too. It has a detailed admin console panel to monitor all visitors. So for an admin it helps to improve on SEO & different statistics of the site. You can also check Show Traffic Stats By Simple Traffic Widget Plugin.


It is different from Google Analytic. In Google Analytic, an admin knows visitors per day, pageviews per months etc.

But in WassUp we see different type of statistics. It shows details visitors data that is customizable by time periods, visitor types, search keywords etc.


wassup real time analytics plugin


WassUp has powerful admin feature:

  • In “Visitors Details” you get information by view with search capability, view filters, top ten summary that allows you to see almost everything about your visitors and what they do on your site.
  • In “Current Visitors Online” you can get summary of your online visitors in real-time.
  • In Dashboard widget, you see a line chart of hits in last 24 hours and a count of current visitors online and their latest functions.
  • You can see another useful sidebar Widget where you get count of current visitors online with display recent searched terms, recent external referrers, top browsers, and top Operating System.
  • WassUp has two anti-spam functions to detect and omit referrers spammers and comment spammers. It also  records unauthorized users’ login attempts. But remember It has no option to block them or protect your site. You  need to install another security plugin.
  • WassUp also helps to improve database table growth: you can empty it or you can delete old records.

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WassUp mainly saves the record of every visitor through these information:

ip / hostname, referrer, spider, search engines used, keywords, SERP (search engine result page), operating system / language / browser, pages viewed (chronologically and per user session), complete user agent, name of user logged in, name of comment’s author, spam and hack attempts.


Wassup has excellent admin details with flexible options:

  • Records (time period)
  • record (per page)
  • records (search engine, referrer)
  • search (keyword)
  • top ten charts with detail data


wassup real time analytics plugin


Information On WassUp Real Time Analytic Plugin:

Requires: 2.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.2.1

Last Updated: 2012-5-17

Downloads: 522,252

Download Link: WassUp Real Time Analytics


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