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Top Tips to Get Accurate Anonymous Browsing On Your Computer

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Anonymous browsing on the computer means browsing the web without showing our IP address. There are software programs in online, which can be downloaded and installed in the computer to hide your identity and browse online. Instead of your IP address, there will be proxy IP address from proxy servers, which will be displayed instead of yours. Basically this means that you are not allowing any outsiders to track or monitor any of your online activities. You can even keep identity cloaker to hide your identity from your online service provider also.


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The reason for this is that you are protected while browsing, that can protect you from being piggybacking or monitoring your internet connection. There are several reasons, why people browse anonymously. Some surf due to the dangerous bad elements and some to just hide their identity, etc… There are many external sources, who regularly track your internet networks like web spiders, government tracking sources, online advertisers, etc… When you go online, you will be exposed to all these external sources that always use highly sophisticated tracking software for tracking your online presence.

Many big companies utilize the services of internet experts, who often track potential customers. You are unknowingly giving your details along with your IP address to all these sources. They can then view your complete web history and evaluate your web presence as well as access all your personal information. When this process happens, they can even tell your exact location with your IP address.

This anonymous browsing software works with the help of proxy server that is set up between the individual and the internet site that is used. When you don’t use this software and visit a website, your IP address will be scanned and the unit will be identified by the site. This process will be between the user and the website’s server, where the user requests permission to enter the website and the site will give access to go through the site.

There are many other reasons for selecting anonymous browsing like phishing, DNS, host file poisoning, spywares, etc… You have to hide your identity especially from these by using identity cloaker. Another advantage for using the identity cloaker as an anonymous browsing is, you can make the proxy servers resided in any country as the servers for anonymous browsing are scattered all over the world. For instance, if you are in UK and want to surf US website, where there is no access to any non-US resident, then you can show your server in US and can go through the website with the help of proxy browsing. With the usage of identity cloaker, anonymous browsing has become a very easy task with very low cost. Anyone residing in any country can get this identity cloaker along with all the requirements for their servers, which is a less costly process than you may expect.

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