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Top Five Apps For Blogging With Mobile Devices

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

If you are an avid blogger who likes to blog anywhere and anytime then you should have some blogging apps installed in your Smartphone. There are plenty of free applications available for mobile blogging on the go which you can use to post your favorite articles from any place, any time. Some of the popular applications are listed below.

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  • WordPress Mobile Blogging App:

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems used for creating blogs. The WordPress mobile blogging app allows users to write new blog posts, edit already existing pots, write and manage comments, view blog statistics etc. This mobile app provides built-in notifications whenever some user comments on your blog post. It includes the completely functional WordPress dashboard which is similar in operation to the desktop version and includes configuration options, layout and design planning, keyword tagging, adding images etc. It also permits you to blog from your own server and domain name. Also, this mobile app helps you to plan advertising on your blog targeted specifically to mobile users. It also includes a tool called PercentMobile statistic analyzer which allows you to view how many people are currently visiting your blog through mobile.

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  • Tumblr Mobile App:

Tumblr is one of the most popular platforms for micro-blogging which is also available in mobile. You can download Tumblr App for your Android, Blackberry or iPhone. Tumblr mobile app helps you to post and share contents from your Smartphone. You can also share videos, links, images and multimedia posts using this mobile App. It also allows you to interact with fellow bloggers through Active Community option for interactive and social blogging. You can follow your favorite blogs, configure themes and appearance for your blog and share blog posts with fellow bloggers through “Reblog” option. It is easy to manage your blog with Tumblr mobile app and you can even create photo blogs easily.

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  • Squarespace Mobile App:

Squarespace is also a popular platform for blogging where you can write your own blog, post your portfolio and build a custom website based on your requirements. This application is available for iPhone and iPad for long time and recently an Android version has also been introduced which helps you to accomplish your blogging job pretty easily. SquareSpace mobile App has custom user-interface which provides all the basic functionalities required for blogging on-the-go. Important features of the mobile app include, Content Management, Blog Posting, Comment management, Real-time statistics, Live-Preview and multiple account management. You can create blog posts and add images from library or take picture through your phone and add it to your blog. You can edit, preview and delete posts anytime. You can easily manage and approve user comments on your blog posts. You can easily manage multiple accounts at the same and watch real-time statistics of hits received on your blog posts including unique page views, RSS subscribers, top referrers and popular search terms. You can enjoy all the benefits of Desktop version of Square space app with added benefit of on-the-go blogging.

  • Google Blogger for Android:

Blogger platform from Google is one of the most extensively used blogging services and the mobile app is also very popular nowadays. The mobile version is not similar to Desktop app but you can write and edit blog posts pretty easily. You can decide page layout, add widgets, view user statistics, plan advertising and do other stuff but it’s not as easy as the Desktop Dashboard.  But if you are looking to blog on-the-go, this mobile app is definitely the right choice for you. The interface is very simple and easy to use compared to other applications.

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  • Typepad:

It is yet another famous blogging platform on web which is now available for iPhone users as well. You can download the free trial version and if you are impressed with the quality, you can purchase the full-version. For people who have existing accounts in Typepad, they can instantly start blogging after installing this app on their iPhones. You can upload text, photos, and multimedia and share your blogs to all users.

With different applications available for blogging on the go, you can choose the one which suits your requirements based on the features and start blogging instantly.


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