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Top Directories To Submit Your Articles For SEO

Written by Ahsanul Karim

As we all know, Search Engine Optimization is the technique of increasing the visibility of a web site by organic or authentic means. The primary goal of the SEO process is to get the website displayed on the first few pages (mostly targeted for the first page) of the search results and increase the number of potential customer visits.

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This can be accomplished by using two methods:

  • On-Site technique
  • Off-Site technique


On-Site SEO: 

In simple terms, any changes or improvements made within the website to enhance its visibility or ranking is referred to as On-site SEO technique. This includes placing of keywords at appropriate places; adding title tags, headers, Meta-tags, URL design and website copy.

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Off-Site SEO:

This approach aims to acquire back links to our website. Back links are those that display a link to our website from some other source (websites, blogs, forums etc). There are many ways of acquiring back links to our website, but the easiest and the most economical way is by submitting relevant and helpful articles to social sharing sites. A well written article with relevant content and niche always acquires a good back link. And you can find plenty of websites and directories available on the internet that are accepting article submissions for free.

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  • Ezinearticle:

With a Google PageRank of 6, it is one of the most popular directories for content submission. The website accepts two links in the author bio field and you can also incorporate the links in the body of the article. A very user friendly website and allows you to upload articles with just a single click.


  • GoArticles:

Yet another free content submission directory; with over a million articles, it is one of the ideal directories available over the internet. The site has a good Google PageRank of 6. The website accepts incorporated links in the article body and even provides content and RSS feeds.


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  • Article Dashboard:

The website has a Google page rank of 4 and is considered to be one of the largest directories for article submission. All you have to do is sign up, follow the instructions and get started.


  • The Free Library:

The website has a PageRank of 7 and has faster article approval rate similar to Ezine articles. Furthermore, the articles are crawled by Google spiders within a day of uploading. It accepts an article with up to 3 links and is considered to be one of the highest traffic generators.


  • Article Alley:

A good website for content submission, it has a Google PageRank of 5 and is known for its faster approval. The website accepts embedded links in the article body and offers article writing services.


  • Article Rich:

It has a Google PageRank of 4. The website accepts articles with one condition which is, the article which you submit should be for at least 300 words or above. The website allows up to two links in the body of the article and has strict approval processes.


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Though, there are several websites available over the internet that offer free content submission, these are some of the websites that are popular and are known to attract a sound traffic.


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