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Top 5 Must-Have iPad Apps For College Students

Written by Ahsanul Karim

This article covers five apps that will help a college student to really get ahead. One of them is a calculator app that has all the functions of a very expensive calculator, one is a schedule organizer, one is a project organizer, one is a note taker and the other is a flash card creator. These apps comprise and complete a set of tools that all college students can use to get ahead and make their lives a little easier.

None of them are expensive, and the order they are listed in has nothing to do with which is the best. They are in a random order, and you will find that the usage value of each will depend upon your chosen learning subject. For example a degree in history will mean you favor the flash card app over the calculator app.




1. Trello:

This is a project organization tool. It allows students to collaborate on projects, to set deadlines, mark down and tick off tasks, and label and filter roles and tasks.


"school helper"


2. School Helper:

This is a scheduling tool. It is good for college students if they wish to organize their time better. A student is able to track their schedules so that they are made aware of when their exams are, when their coursework is due or when their next class is. The app can be customized so that it the student can use is as much or as little as he/she likes.

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Students may also track their grades so that they can see graphically how well they are doing and improving. The student is able to program it to remind themselves of when their classes are, or is able to program it to remind them daily about what dates their coursework needs to be done by.


"graphing calculator"


3. Graphing Calculator:

This does the same job as a graphing calculator but does it on your mobile device. It saves you the cost of having to buy a graphing calculator, the only problem is that if you have an exam where a graphing calculator is allowed–the examiners will not allow a mobile device. The app has a custom keyboard and allows screen prints to be taken so that you can email yourself the image you create on the iPad.




4. Evernote :

This is a very well-known app by people in education. It allows you to take notes on your mobile device and save them onto the hard drive of the device so that they cannot get lost. A mobile device is very easy to whip out and type a message onto.

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This app allows you to save your notes so that you do not lose them. You can sort and catalogue them, and you can add audio and images if you like. The size of your note does not matter (in a realistic sense), so it is better than saving your notes as drafts on your sms messaging function.




5. StudyBlue Flashcards :

Students have been making their own Flash Cards for years; it only makes sense that a programmer would make an app to help them. Flash cards are pieces of paper (or card) that you write key terms onto, or draw pictures onto.

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The student will flash a card and then recite all that he or she knows about that subject, key term or picture. The app StudyBlue app allows students to make their own flashcards on what is simply a white screen. The flashcards are saved and the student may have them flash up in a random order.

This helps the student to keep his or her flash cards near him/her at all times, and helps to save him/her from losing them. Students can also copy each others to save a little time. It also has the flash cards of hundreds of other users installed for if you cannot be bothered to make your own.


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