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Top 5 Effective Email Marketing Templates

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Many businesses underestimate the power of email marketing and therefore don’t pay proper attention to the email templates they use. Their poorly customized generic email newsletters are sent out in hundreds and it’s no surprise they generate poor response rates.


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Non-generic, creative newsletters can help you gain the upper hand for your company and increase sales. If you are not sure where to start, start with quality email marketing templates that can considerably improve your campaign ROI and metrics. Here are the top five examples.


  • 1. Corporate newsletter templates:

Formal email template sets are irreplaceable for small as well as large businesses and professionals such as lawyers, consultants, accountants and others. These clean, modern templates are available in a variety of layouts, themes and colors  Opt for templates that are compatible in all email clients. Businesses that have blogs and regularly updated site content should select corporate templates featuring side bars that allow links to blogs and social media.

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  • 2. Commercial newsletter Templates :

If you are selling products, choose templates that are designed to showcase the whole product range. The e-commerce template design allows for a large image as well as numerous smaller images. These templates include links to the website and social media. Using templates with easy access to social platforms is a great way to get customers discussing your products.

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  • 3. Cross-browser Newsletter Templates :

When trying to increase the number of people who see your products, select email newsletter templates that are designed following the latest standards in HTML email building to be cross-browser compatible. In other words, clients on all browsers will be able to see your offers. These templates are minimalist, with a strong focus on content. Make sure templates allow for links to forums and social media to get more online presence.


  • 4. Message newsletter templates :

These templates allow users to grab the reader’s attention with a large piece of text as a greeting or main message. They are great for making every email update visible as well as posting ‘teaser’ content with backlinks to your site or blog. Message newsletter templates feature built-in social sharing icons and allow you to display pricing tables of products and services.


  • 5. Graphic work newsletter templates :

These templates allow users to customise them without struggling with HTML coding. Pre-built sample layouts and modular template builders help change newsletter layouts without worrying about coding them. It means that you can create dozens of design combinations out of one template. They are perfect for showcasing any visual and graphic work such as image galleries and portfolios.


These are the top five email marketing templates that can help you maximise conversions and get results. Every successful marketing campaign starts with the right templates.

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