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Three Exciting Features That Shock You When You Get iPhone 5

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Many, if not all of us know that the Apple company has just released their latest brand of the iPhone series which happens to be the iPhone 5 but little of us know that the new iPhone 5 has more features that will make someone who does not have the phone salivate. As it has always been recorded that the Apple Industry gets to their heads to produce the best smartphone as they have a lot of competitors, this has also been proven once again with the production of this latest iPhone series known as the iPhone 5. As this iPhone series has been produced, research has it that there are increasing number of those who will sell their last smartphone to get this one.

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However, I am writing this article to you not for the purpose of persuading you to sell your old smartphone for this latest product but to tell you all you need to know before you stay or jump into buying this latest product. After making the research about this product, I myself sold my iPhone 4 to get this iPhone 5. During the research, I discovered that there are newly included features which will help every individual who uses the internet to get the best result using the smallest amount of time. There are also features which will help business men and organizations perform simple duties which they do on their computer.

However not all these tips will be exposed here but only three shocking ones will be mentioned:


  • Ultrafast Wireless Technology:

The eruption of the latest iPhone product which happens to be the iPhone 5 took the Apple Company a lot of time to do. As the product was lunched we discovered that the time that was taken by the Apple Company to produce this product was not all for a joke, it was then discovered that they took their time to get the best of all features to their product out of which this feature erupted. The newly produced iPhone 5 came up with the LTE wireless technology which happens to be ultrafast and presently unbeatable by any other technology of its kind. When I say ultrafast, then you should know that the technology is not only fast but very fast and dependable. This wireless technology called LTE has a speed which totals at 100 or more megabyte per second. This speed puts his predecessor which happens to be HSPDA two times behind. In other words, the LTE internet technology comes with a speed range of 100 megabyte per second while HSPDA which happens to follow behind, has a speed of 40 to 45 megabyte per second. My research then discovered that most users are ready to buy this product for this special function it has over many other smartphones.


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  • Latest Operating System:

The Apple Company who got a hold of the feature above however did not stop at this discovery alone but they advanced to produce more and more features for this iPhone 5. Among their later advancement in the discovery of more features is where this headline is found. IPhone 5 created a special operating system for their iPhone product which is known as iOS; they had since then advanced in the development of their operating system. This time around, Apple used the iOS version 6 which happens to be the latest series of their operating system. This operating which happens to be the latest mobile operating system presently, can carry out a lot of tasks and commands which has also helped in the advancement and discovering of new features in the smartphone.

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  • Incomparable Apps:

Finally, this happens to be one of the most triggering features which will invite many other users into getting this iPhone 5. This feature made the production of this iPhone series successful as it contains a lot of exiting apps. Theses apps are therefore divided into categories and each categories, has a lot of different apps in it. There are specified apps which are for business while there are specified apps which are mainly for entertainment. Some of these apps are located in the phone while most others are located in the iPhone 5 app world.

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As I have said earlier, I will repeat that this post idea is not composed to enforce you to leave your present smartphone for the iPhone 5, but it is composed to give you the best of details of what you will get in the iPhone 5 if you will buy it. However, this is also not telling you not to buy the iPhone product as the astonishing features above will almost convince you to get this latest iPhone product that was produced by the Apple Company.


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