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Things To Know Before You Start a Food Blog

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Do you want to start Indian food blog? You are on right track to share your exclusive Indian cuisine ideas and thoughts with others. Because with blogging only you can minimize your promotional costs and can achieve a vibrant success on the web. If you already fixed your mind to start an awesome Indian food blog to share the elite recipes, concepts with others then you need not to bow down to any technical restrictions. You can easily start to carve up your grand Yummy Indian Recipes on the web with the following step wise.

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Step 1: While you are decided to start the food blog with delicious Indian recipes it’s almost done. Only you need to finalize the first step whether you will do it by your own or else you can hire a web designer for the purpose. The web designer will design your website with keeping view in mind that it must be with a professional look. It should be with a proper domain name which could be a descriptive or a memorable one. You can select your domain name as short as anyone can memorize easily and it should be easy to spell. While you are selecting an expert web designer for the purpose, you must check his or her background. It will be worthy.

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Step 2: No matter whether you are technically strong or not. I am talking about your web technical knowledge. Be proactive to your readers while you are establishing your food blog on the web. Don’t think a much. I hope you have watched the movie “Julie and Julia”, where Julie Powell, the main character of the film has got a huge success through a cookbook. She hasn’t plan a much to start her blog, rather started posting her recipes simultaneously while cooking. You can also do the same. Start cooking and make the photograph of your complete dish and simply post it on your blog.

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Step 3: While it is the part of development of your blog, without any worry you can select WordPress themes for the purpose. Because it is easy to install and alter as per your choice. You can install various functionalities or plugins on WordPress which is almost free tools available on the site. You may add Google tools e.g., Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Feedburner tools to your website to make your site well searchable on the web.

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Step 4: This is the place, on the web where you don’t have a space to show your weakness. You must be filled with lots of information which your daily readers want from you. To be very honest to your readers or viewers you must share the exclusive or out of the track Indian dishes that are rare to prepare. On the web you may get easy to make recipes on Kabab, Polao, Biriany, Chicken Items, Mutton Items, Cakes, Cool drinks etc. But your readers want something different from you. The tummy-licious dishes from the different parts of the country you have to discover, either through your own contacts or through your expertise. Only then your food blog will be well versed to the readers.

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Step 5: Last but not the least; you need to be a good presenter of your own recopies. The language, cuisine terminologies, availability of your masallas (spices), how to use them – a step by step description, and over and above all the photography part. In all aspect it must be good enough. Because, Indian dishes are full with the spices that are rich with the good food values. So, you must present them with brilliant photographs and their nutritional values to your readers.

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These are some simple instruction that you may follow while you are about to launch your scrumptious Indian Food Blog to the rest of the world. No short cuts are there to get overnight success. Let’s start today.    

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Bhakti is a passionate food blogger and write at Yummy indian Recipes. Apart from writing about healthy food and recipes, she love learning about history, crossword puzzles and much more. She loves to share on weight loss, nutrition, health and share things she uses to stay healthy & eat right.

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