The Most Aged Facebook User Anna Stoehr Died

Written by Ahsanul Karim

We already heard lots of record of Facebook- Most Facebook fans by celebrity post, most comment in celebrity post,  How to add Blank Status in Facebook etc. Today I’ll share a record which we never think before. The most aged Facebook user – Anna Stoehr of Plainview, Minnesota recently died.


Anna Stoehr oldest facebook user

Anna Stoehr was 114 years old & she recently died. When she opened her account, she added fake birthday. The main reason is that you can’t add your birth year before 1910 & Facebook authority never think anyone who is born before 1910 can use Facebook.

So Anna Stoehr make her age 99 years, 15 years less than genuine age. Ana Stohair was born on 15th October 1900. In Facebook page her birthday is showing 1st January 1905. Facebook authority said that they never thought anyone born before 1910 would use Facebook. They apologized to Anna Stoehr family for this trouble.

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Ana Stohair was born three years before first plane launched in sky build by Wright brothers. This year on October Ana Stohair celebrated 114 years old.

She left 5 children, 27 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. She passed her life in gardening and loved to collect flowers and strawberries from garden.


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