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The Importance Of Building A Brand

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Brand Recognition: Easier And Harder Than You Think

Today, having a mobile app is almost like having a business card. It’s become increasingly expected that a given business will have some kind of mobile app solution. If you design your app well enough, it will eventually go viral. A viral app can organically expand brand recognition for minimal cost—but it’s got to be done right.


Firstly, your app needs to lead to a website which is properly designed. It must be simple, yet classy. It must be easy to navigate, and it must be filled with useful content. As the experts from Web Design Sandiego would put it, “…traffic equals sales, and with great traffic, you need a website that can convert those people into sales.”

If your application is bringing you extensive traffic, that’s excellent! But if that traffic has nowhere to go once it has left the app and come to your site, then what’s the point? Additionally, it makes sense for your application to give clients and potential clients opportunity to purchase your products or services from within the app.

Another thing to consider when it comes to apps—and your website—is the incorporation of a section which may not particularly pertain to your business, but which does invite regular visitation. A comic strip, an advice column, a classifieds section, or a community announcement calendar are all great ideas.

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Archetypal Programming:

Human beings have an archetypal mental nature. It’s designed right into the brain. This is one reason targeted marketing and branding are so successful. At a subconscious level, the right brand communicates purely visually, and can draw buyers in. Shapes, sounds, colors, smells—sensory input. This can be used to instigate action.

That said, you’ve got to know what you’re doing if you employ archetypal psychology in your brand. McDonald’s is simple: a big yellow “M” means “mmmm, that’s good.” Everybody makes that sound, even if they’re not English. Perhaps this is one reason McDonald’s has become an international institution. But the red and yellow are also important parts of that.

Color Scheme Considerations:

When it comes to the color scheme of the logo that will characterize your brand, there is actually a kind of science behind your color choice which shouldn’t be ignored. Psychologically, people have different reactions to different colors. For example: when you see green, and when you see scarlet, what do you think of?

Well, you probably don’t think of sensual businesses when you see green, and you probably don’t think of citrus when you see scarlet. But switch it around, and a subconscious response manifests. The right green can practically make you taste a tangy sweetness associated with fruit. The right red can stimulate desire.

If you click, you can explore color schemes designed to align with your brand’s needs:

“Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are used to guarantee an exact color match across varying items, materials, and decoration. Exact logo color matches are available on most products for a small fee.”

Keep It Simple:

The last thing to consider is simplicity. Your brand name, your brand logo, and your primary slogan can’t be too complicated. They have to hit at the core of your target market without being over-bearing, stimulate a response, draw in new customers and stimulate loyalty in existing ones.

Nike’s slogan is “just do it”, and they’ve got a checkmark as a logo, which is simultaneously identifiable as the Nike symbol. Whatever your brand is, you want to do the same kind of simplistic, easily-identifiable, subconsciously communicative design work.

Provided you put enough care into it, your brand and logo could themselves be successful marketing solutions. When your brand is identifiable like Nike and McDonald’s, you’ll be an institution. But getting there requires putting in the research beforehand. Brand recognition and building is very important.

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