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Teletalk Launched New Sim Package – Bornomala SIM Package

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Teletalk is the Bangladesh Govt. provided mobile company. Already Teletalk got a good reputation among students as it is launching one after another new attractive packages. Recently Teletalk announced new Sim package named “Bornomala.”

The New Package – Bornomala SIM is going to launch during Annual Book Fair Of Bangladesh known as “Amar Ekushe Gronthamela” which is scheduled to be held on February 2015. This special SIM is only for the college and university students of Bangladesh. It has some valuable & attractive offers with special call rate (off net/on-net), special 3G Internet package etc.


bornomala teletalk sim package

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Features of Teletalk Bornomala SIM:

Call Rate:

On-Net: 0.30/Minute (10 second pulse)

Off-Net: 0.60/Minute (10 second pulse)


Teletalk Bornomala SIM Internet package:

500 MB: Tk. 70/-

1 GB: Tk. 130/-

5 GB : Tk. 400/-

(Vat will be added for all services)


Special Facility After activating the SIM:

SIM Price: Tk. 50/-

50 minutes on-net talk time

50 SMS


250 MB data

After recharging Tk. 30, you will get

30 minutes on-net talk time

30 SMS

30 MB data

(Validity only for 3 days]

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How to Collect Bornomala SIM User Registration Form:

You can collect form from Teletalk pavilion at Amar Ekushe Gronthamela & leave there

or download from Official Teletalk website & send to bornomala@teletalk.com.bd.

Later Teletalk authority will inform you Date & time of SIM collection.  You need to mention Teletalk Customer Care name from where you want to collect SIM.


bornomala user teletalk registration form

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You generally need following identification to collect your  Bornomal SIM from Teletalk customer care:

User Registration Form Copy either downloaded from Teletalk Website or Amar Ekushe Gronthamela Book Stall.

College/University ID Card (Photocopy)

Two copies of Passport sized Photo (Registered Person)

Photocopy of National ID Card/Driving License/ Passport of Registered Person


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