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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Hurrah! My joy knows no bounds. After 2 months hard work I got the result. Now techdesighn has Page Rank 1. It is hard to get Google Page Rank at first but once you get it is easier to adjust with blogging world.

Google Page Rank is very important to show site’s credibility. Someone says that there is no need Google Page Rank. Only Alexa rank is important. Because many people think that there are huge sites with same page rank but every site has individual Alexa rank.

Another thing is advertisers look for sites which has lowest Alexa rank. But you can’t underestimate Google Page Rank. Page Rank shows how many external & internal links are joined with the original site. Better Google Page Rank also helps visitors to get good amount of visitors.

Google Page Rank means overall rank of a site. If you check very closely, you’ll see some of your articles got Page Rank 2. Some articles got Page Rank 1. Sometime your older post get higher rank than latest post. Now by a formula google will give your site a Page Rank. It is a hard task. Google has not revealed the secret yet.

According to Google Analytic, these are top posts:

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There are lots of sites by which you can check Page Rank:

Page Rank checker

Check Page Rank


Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

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Soon I’ll publish articles on Alexa  tips & Google Page Rank information. Be connected. Ohh….I forgot to ask my fellow bloggers, what is your site rank at present? Is it improved? Don’t hesitate to share your blogging thought 

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