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Steve Jobs First Memorial Statue In Budapest, Hungary

"Steve Jobs Memorial Statue"
Written by Ahsanul Karim

Former chief executive and co-founder of US technology giant Apple Steve Jobs died. on 05 Oct 2011 7:50 P.M. After a long battle of cancer, he left the world. At that time, he was 56. He was born in 1955. Steven P. Jobs is survived by his wife Laurene, their three children, and one child from a previous relationship.

To remember his great work, the first  Memorial Statue of Steve Jobs is revealed in Budapest, Hungary. Steve Jobs Memorial Statue was made of bronze and placed near the entrance of Graphisoft’s Headquarters.

Gabor Bojar, the official of Graphisoft, made a speech:

“Apple’s support included cash and computers at a time when GRAPHISOFT was a small company with limited resources, working within the economic and political confines of what was, at the time, communist Hungary.”

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