Special Google Doodle To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Google Doodle is already popular for its celebrating International day. Today is 8 March, 2014 – International Women’s Day. Like other International day, Google doodle is celebrating with glamorous style.

If you see the doodle carefully, you’ll find that it has 27 female chromosomes. By clicking in the middle it will be interactive with a video featuring over 100 women worldwide, including the President of Lithuania, the brave Pakistani education activist Malala, and other women entrepreneur etc.


international women's day doodle


The music is provided by the Belgian Congolese vocal group Zap Mama. In this music video we’ll see “amazing things done by women worldwide”.

The doodle visited to different countries across the world. To create this doodle, there is a special group. Ryan Germick, Google doodle’s glimpse of team leader, said: “International Women’s Day is a really an interesting &  hard topic. It shows a quick what some women across the world are doing. We decided with the doodle format & it will be a fun video.”

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international women's day


He also added that in some countries, it’s tradition  to give woman flowers on International Woman’s Day, in other countries it’s patronizing. We tried to concentrate on the universal positive aspects of it.

: Here is special wish on International Women’s Day :

Women Have Strengths That Amazes Man..
She Can Handle Trouble & Carry Heavy Burdens..
She Holds Happiness,
Love & Opinions.
She Smiles When Filing Like Screaming..

Happy Women’s Day 🙂


So guys do you like this interactive doodle? Share your view 🙂


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