Say Thanks To Your Facebook Friends With Facebook App

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Do you want to say Thanks to your Facebook friends? Facebook will say thanks on behalf of you. Recently Facebook launched new official app- Say Thanks.


Facebook thanks App


Previously we see lots of colorful Facebook Page. Now FB launched new app where you can easily say thanks any of your facebook friend. The requirement he or she must be your Facebook friend whom you want to say Thanks.


You just need to select a Facebook friend. The rest will do Facebook App. There  are 2 Theme options. You need to select any one –

  • Old Friends &
  • Friends.


Then a preview will start. Here you’ll see lots of images with nice quotes. These are all added from different images which your friend added in his profile. All these pictures are added from below the page if you go downwards. Here the pictures which are tick mark added in video. So you have options to change picture as you wish. You can add any memorable pictures too. If you are satisfied with the preview video, publish it. It will be added in your timeline in 1 hour time. Your friend will be tagged in this video too. So he’ll be easily notified.


Facebook Logo


You can create this digital card for any of your Facebook friend. It has no limitation. If you are fan of Facebook, you can check special browser for Facebook – Rockmelt Browser.


Isn’t it interesting? Lets Say Thanks to your Facebook Friends on Thanks Giving Day


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