RockMelt Browser – Special Browser For Facebook User

Written by Ahsanul Karim

If I ask you – tell me 4 best Browsers. I think you’ll tell Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer & Opera Browser. But there are some unknown Browsers which give better performance as I have mentioned before.

Today I’ll share a special Browser which gives best performance for Social Network users. The name of Browser is RockMelt. It is a Chrome based Browser. It helps you to be connected 24 hours in social network like Facebook or Twitter. & Above all, you get all facility of Google Chrome

If your net speed slow or you go offline automatically from Facebook or to get update notification, you need to use RockMelt Browser.


rockmelt browser

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Here are all the facility of RockMelt Browser:

  • Never show you Offline in Facebook.
  • You can browse any site but by default Facebook chat box will be online & you see who are online.
  • The browser has a chat bar where you can talk to your friends, controls update your status and a special bar where you can add social networks and temporary personalized lines.
  • Notification, Message, Friend request will always show in bar.
  • Finally it is a special Browser for Facebook lovers.


rockmelt web browser

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Information About RockMelt Browser:

  • LICENSE: Free
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • SIZE: 546 KB
  • DOWNLOADS: 92,811 +
  • LAUNCH DATE: 06.03.2011

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  • Hi Ahsan,

    What a wonderful post, my friend!

    This was an excellent review of Rockmelt, which I hadn’t heard before. Indeed, as you say, there are other great browsers around in addition to the most well known ones. My favourite is Firefox. However, Rockmelt seems to be perfect for social networking sites.

    Happy New Year and have a great week ahead!

  • Hi Ahsanul Karim, Thank for making aware about RockMelt Browser but I really didn’t hear about it as well as wasn’t aware too. I would like to use this RockMelt Browser 🙂 & let see how perform this Browser.

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