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Written by Ahsanul Karim

If you want to become a blogger, it is high time to start. Sometime many new bloggers passed lots of time on researching, planning before start blogging.

My suggestion is that STOP THINKING, START BLOGGING!

Planning advance is good but you can’t estimate anything before the start of blogging. If you have passionate feeling feelings in blogging, start now. Buy a domain, install WordPress , then start writing on your related topic.

Don’t think about blog template, design, logo at first.  You can use WordPress Free Theme at first. Start writing with basic things. Just pass time in writing constantly.  Then inform others about your blog through Facebook, Twitter,  StumbleUpon.  It is easier to get instant traffic.

Then after some day you can move to upper level. When you visit others site see site design, watch gadget/plugins that added in the site. It will give you idea about professional blog. Comment their sites to inform them about your new blog.

So my appeal to upcoming bloggers stop researching, start new blog with a new domain, write content on related topic. Target the audience. Write regular & unique article.


Do you know any tips for upcoming bloggers? Share your view 🙂

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