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Written by Ahsanul Karim

When I started my blogging life with Blogger in 2009 at that time there are not lots of material for blogger. So at that time I take lots of time to learn blogging with Blogger. But as the time goes on, there are materials on how to blog with Blogger. Now Google has official Blogger site where you can know any update on blogger or special blogger tips. Now blogging seems easier with Blogger than previous time.

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I already shared popular keyboard shortcut for WordPress. Today I’ll share common keyboard shortcut which you can use for  Blogger Post Editor:

  • CTRL + A               Highlight all the text
  • CTRL + B               Bold
  • CTRL + C               Copy
  • CTRL + D               Save as Draft
  • CTRL + F               Find a Word or Phrase
  • CTRL + G              Indic Transliteration
  • CTRL + I                Italic
  • CTRL + P               Publish the post
  • CTRL + S               Auto Save and Keep editing

Also Check: Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcut

  • CTRL + U              Underline
  • CTRL + V               Paste
  • CTRL + X               Cut
  • CTRL + Y               Redo
  • CTRL + Z                Undo
  • CTRL + SHIFT + P               Preview the post
  • CTRL + SHIFT + A               Insert Hyperlink


I have already some Blogger sites. If you free, you can check. I hope you’ll enjoy.


I tried my best to add all popular & useful Blogger shortcut. If you know anymore shortcut just share them in comment. It will helpful for my reader & other blogger too.

Happy Blogging 🙂


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