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Play Historic Battle Game – Mukti Camp

Written by Ahsanul Karim

1971 is the independence year of Bangladesh. If you want to be part of the untold story of how a lightly armed and trained guerrilla force defeated one of the most powerful armies – Pakistan in just nine months join the epic war. Here you find 30 Freedom fighters, 20 historically inspired strategic battles, Are you ready? 
mukti camp
1971 is the historic year of Bangladesh. In this year, Bangladesh got independence from Pakistan. To celebrate the victory, lots of game developed to remember the epic battle.


From the maker of Heroes of 71 game , here comes another epic game – Mukti Camp. As a commander of a Mukti Camp, you lead your guerilla team to build a great camp. You train them and finally lead them to battle and glory.


mukti camp 1971 war
Game Description:
In the game, you’ll see a beautiful Bangladesh. In Mukti Camp, you’ll get 15 types of buildings. When you start, you only have the headquarter. From there you slowly build your base camp. You build firms to grow food. You make sawmills to process woods. Later you need to develop storages to keep them safe and ready for use.

In Mukti Camp, you build scout centre for recruiting guerrillas, you build houses to accommodate them, hospitals to treat them, four different kinds of training centre to train them and make them ready for battle. You also need a communication centre so that guerrillas can communicate with their families. You also need to build and maintain defense structures to keep your camp safe & sound.

In Mukti Camp, each Guerrilla has four different set of skills – strength, precession, agility and intelligence. You need to show different types of skills in different tasks. For example, wood chopping needs strength and firming needs agility.


mukti camp battle
You can upgrade your guerrilla character’s skill set in two ways. First way is to give them relevant tasks and the second way is to train them in different training grounds. You can also assign different tools to your guerrillas. For example, if they are chopping woods, you should assign saw. If they are firming, you may attach another tool. You can also upgrade these tools.

Finally when you feel confident with your guerrillas & feel ready for war, you can assign them different weapons based on their skills. For example, if someone is strong- you may give them machinegun. If someone is agile, an assault rifle may be a good option. The weapons are also upgradable.

mukti camp android game
Game Features:

  • 15 different types of buildings.
  • 30 unique characters and customizable option.
  • 20 different weapons and tools.
  • 20 handcrafted strategy based levels.


It is to be mentioned here that Mukti Camp is a free download game. So join us to the epic battle – Mukti Camp & enjoy the flavor of the war of 1971.

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