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New iPad Make Selling Record In 1st Week

"Steve Jobs Memorial Statue"
Written by Ahsanul Karim

“The new Ipad” sold 30 lacks in the 1st week as it is make selling history. Apple also regarded as best renowned industry of the World.

"Steve Jobs Memorial Statue"Apple beats other renowned industry – Google, Amazon, IBM etc. Apple started to become popular during Steve Jobs reign who was the former executive & co-founder of Apple. Recently, Apple released “New ipad”. It has some unique features than previous versions. It has fastest processor, high definition screen etc. Ipad released for the 1st time in 2010. Apple says, ipad is the 2nd highest earning source after iphone. Apple executive Tim Cook says, in the future ipad (ipad, ipad 2, new ipad) & Tab will be sold more than PC.

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Apple sold 1 crore 54 lacks ipad upto last December. But in a single week “New ipad” sold 30 lacks. It’s a record. The older ipad versions never get such huge response from the users in the 1st week. It is available now in USA, Australia, France, Canada, Japan, Switzerland. From 23rd March, it will be available to new 24 countries.


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