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Written by Ahsanul Karim

We have passed 7 months in 2011. Blog passed a generation in 2010. Many new bloggers joined in 2011. New theme also added with new subject.

What is your thought about blogging in this year? Are you thinking something new rather than only writing article? Or you are feeling bore about blogging.

Take a cup of tea then enjoy my post. I hope these tips will give you comfort on blogging.


If you want to be a professional blogger, you should maintain a schedule. Regular planning develops a site slowly & steadily. Remind it, Patience is the key to success for bloggers.


You can make a regular planning from the start of blogging. Make an estimate what will you do in every day, every week & every month. You must have a goal where you want to see  your site in the next year. Don’t take extra load on yourself. [pullquote]A motto says – money doesn’t regain health.[/pullquote]


Publish Productive Content:

Blogging doesn’t mean that you should write as many article as you can. Write only valuable content. First You need to build yourself an expert in blogging. Then you can write as many as you wish.


Choose Appropriate Subject:

If you are a new blogger & you want to write on Tech Blog, you can start writing on new feature on Tech. Lets help you: World Cup Cricket 2011 is now playing in South Asian countries. You can register new domain on cricket.

So choose a suitable blog theme that is appropriate for you.


Learning Process:

Some bloggers want to know everything before the start of blogging. This is not good. If you don’t start blogging how you learn new things. Start blogging with little knowledge. Then work hard to learn new things. Search different things about blogging technique, read biography of famous bloggers & it will help you better writing.



Blogging is no more like old days. When you publish an article on Tech, same type of articles will be published from different platforms. Blogging is now a challenging job. So professionalism is important for bloggers.

I hope this year will give lots of pleasure in blogging 🙂

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