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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Microsoft Word is the best platform for writing a document. I think it is the best product of Microsoft. It will be difficult to beat MS Word by any other writing software. We regularly use lots of MS Word shortcuts. But we can’t remember most of them.

I already shared how to read latest docx file in old version MS Word. Today I’ll share all important shortcut keys of MS Word. Here I start all MS Word shortcut keys alphabetically. So it will be easier for everyone to memorize.

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  • Ctrl+A = Select all
  • Ctrl+B = Text bold
  • Ctrl+C = Copy text
  • Ctrl+D = Font change
  • Ctrl+E = Centre alignment
  • Ctrl+F = Find a word or edit a word
  • Ctrl+H = Replace command
  • Ctrl+I = Text italic
  • Ctrl+J = Text justified alignment
  • Ctrl+K = Make hyperlink
  • Ctrl+L = Text move to left alignment
  • Ctrl+M = Add invent
  • Ctrl+N = Open new document
  • Ctrl+O = Open saved file
  • Ctrl+P = Document print
  • Ctrl+Q = Make space between paragraph
  • Ctrl+R = Text move to Right Alignment
  • Ctrl+S = File save
  • Ctrl+T = Change index
  • Ctrl+U = Text underline
  • Ctrl+V = Text paste
  • Ctrl+W = Close file


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