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Logistics of Video Game Development

Written by Ahsanul Karim

The video game industry generates billions of dollars worldwide. When it comes to the hardware of video game systems, only several major companies control this specific market. However, there are plenty of video game publishers that are always competing against each other to come up with the next bestselling title.

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Video game publishing companies need to employ talented programmers, graphic designers and other technicians who specialize in audio. The foundation of any video game is the actual code that must be built from scratch and adapted to particular story lines. It might take years to fully develop the scripts and codes for a comprehensive game that will become a best-seller in a particular genre. Unfortunately, a large percentage of games includes some sort of glitches that prompt complaints by users. The best selling titles usually boast clean coding with virtually no glitches.

Beta development is another key component in a successful launch of video games. Developers must first create a demo version of a game that isn’t available for the mass market. It might take dozens of hours to detect any glitches in such raw formats of video games that could still be improved. Poor coding has actually led to the downfall of some notable video game publishers. Certain companies have disposed of millions of copies of game cartridges and discs that wouldn’t sell in stores or online.


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In today’s age, it’s easy to read full-length reviews about the latest video games. There are plenty of reliable game critic sites that provide in-depth overviews of the latest titles. Major glitches quickly lead to horrible reviews and such feedback might spread quickly on the Web. It’s very difficult for publishers to redeem themselves after they’ve mass produced games that came loaded with unacceptable errors and poor game play.

Video game hardware must also be thoroughly tested before it is launched on the consumer market. Innovative consoles and handheld systems might not always become instant hits. For example, GPS technology inside a portable game system sounds like a great idea, but it can be a major hassle. For example, GPS signals can get mixed up when a handheld device is within a certain range of a smartphone or tablet. Similarly, there is a risk of interference of WiFi and Bluetooth signals when multiple handheld devices are used at the same time. An entrepreneur like Carl Freer and other businessmen are examples of investors who spent millions on video game development.

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Being too ambitious in video game hardware design could backfire. For example, adding a camera into a handheld game device might be excessive. In other words, video game players don’t want to spend money on features that are already available in most smartphones.

Market testing for new video game hardware can be done at exhibitions and trade shows. Such events might attract tens of thousands of video game enthusiasts who can provide some critical feedback on design concepts of consoles. It’s also important for console manufacturers to work closely with game publishers. Some games are optimized to run on certain processors and other components that are exclusively manufactured by only a few companies. It might be difficult to create partnerships with video game publishing companies that are committed to developing software for only a few specific platforms.


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