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List of Career Options for Biology Students

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

In any normal household, if a child happens to pick biology rather than computer science in their higher secondary, then the thought of having a doctor in the house runs through the mind of every parent. But this is effectively not the only option for bio students, who might have an aversion towards computer science or maybe a bigger affinity to biology. There are plenty of career options out there for biology students, be it in the realm of biology or outside it.

byjus career for biology student

Let us discuss a few of the many options.

  • Forensic Science: If by chance you have a thing for crime scenes and helping stop crime, this may be an option you can look into. With course options like a B. Sc in Forensic Sciences, Diploma in F/Sciences (Ballistics and Fingerprints, Cyber Crimes, Computer Forensics) you will be trained to solve crime scenes by applying scientific principles.
  • Pharmacy: Getting through with a B.Pharm degree and an M.Pharm will land you a position in any good Pharmaceuticals company or you could opt to go teach in any of the pharmacy colleges if biochemistry is where your interests lie.
  • BDS: Bachelor of Dental Sciences, Dentistry is the branch of medicine that specifically deals with the oral cavity. The hard part begins with clearing NEET and acquiring yourself a seat in a medical college. With a time span of 5 years for the undergraduate programs BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), upon completion, the student can choose a specialization for their postgraduate.
  • Food Technology: Due to the many changes in our food habits and food preferences, there is an increased demand for people as food technologists to operate in the packed foods and preservation sector. A degree in this sector can offer job opportunities as Packaging manager, Food Quality controller, Research Officer, and lots of others jobs. Courses available are B. Sc in Food Preservation and Processing, B. Sc in Food Storage, Preservation and Food Tech and several other courses.
  • Physiotherapy: The process of using physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty using mechanical force and movements is physiotherapy. If you are able to get an undergraduate degree as a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, possibilities open up as a specialization in Clinical Electrophysiology, Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Physiotherapy, Neurological, Geriatric, Pediatric, Integumentary, Orthopedic, Sports, Palliative or Women’s Health Care.

These are just a few of the many options for biology students. There are plenty more out there like MicroBiology, Integrated Law, Optometry and much more. To get your biology concepts on track, check out this YouTube channel to get a better idea of any topic, be it organic chemistry or biochemistry.


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