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Biography Of Steve Jobs

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I already published an article on final tribute on Steve Jobs by famous persons. Today I add here famous date of his whole life.

Full Name: Steve Paul Jobs

Born :24 February 1955. He was adopted. Jobs dropped out from Oregon’s Reed College after finishing one semester.Then he joined in Calligraphy class. Later he says that it help him to built first Macintosh computer.

3 January 1977 : Steve Wozniak  & Steve Jobs started Apple Incorporated.

5 June 1977 : 1st Apple PC launched in plastic box

24 June 1984 : 1st graphical interface Macintosh Apple computer launched

12 September 1985 : Steve fired out from Apple & strted new company Next Computer by $7 crore

3 February 1986 : Steve buys world famous animation Studio Pixar.

29 November 1995 : First animation story “Toy Story” Came out from animation Studio Pixar. It earns $19 crore

10 December 1996 : Apple bought NeXT by $42 crore. He was returned to Apple & became supervisor

10 November 1997 : Online Apple Store launched. So anyone can buy Apple product through online.

6 May 1998 : IMAC released.

9 Jan 2001 : Itunes launched for MAC users.

24 March 2001 : MAC OSX operating system launched

23 October 2001 : First I-Pod launched

28 April 2003 : ITune music store launched all  parts of USA. This store has 22 crore 5 lack credit card user. Last 7 years this shop sold 1000 crore song.

1 August 2004 : Steve took operation to release from cancer.

11 January 2005 : IPod shuffle launched in shop.

7 September 2005 : IPod Nano launched.
9 January 2007 : 1st Apple mobile IPhone launched. It makes a revolution in mobile history. IPhone sold more than 10 crore

5 September 2007 : IPod Touch launched.

15 January 2008 : The world’s thinnest Laptop PC Mac Book Air launched.

14 January 2009 : Steve take break for 6 months in doctor’s prescription.

27 January 2010 : IPad launched. It sold 5 lacks in 1st week.

2 March 2011: I Pad 2 launched.

6 June 2011 : Steve gave a speech in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Forum

[pullquote]Quote From Steve Jobs “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”[/pullquote]

24 August 2011: Resigned from Apple & continue as a Chairman

3 October  2011 : I Phone 4S

5 October  2011 : At the age of 56, Chief executive and co-founder of US technology giant Apple Steve Jobs died

Goodbye, Mr. Jobs. May your soul rest in peace in your eternal life 

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