Lets Celebrates India’s Independence Day With Google Doodle

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Today 15th August, 2014 is the 68th Independence Day of India. India celebrates the independence Day with colorful way. To memorize the day, Google added special Doodle on its homepage. In this doodle, it represents India’s first stamp.

india independence day google doodle


According Indian history, the first stamp of independent India was published on 21st  November, 1947. In the stamp, you’ll see – Indian flag with the patriots’ slogan, Jai Hind (long live India). It writes on the top right hand corner of Doodle. The value of the stamp is three and one-half annas (3 1/2).

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If you see closely the Doodle, you’ll see the logo of Google starts with a ‘G’ in orange color, which is also the color of the top stripe of Indian flag. There is added a postage stamp with India’s flag on it represents ‘O’ and a government stamp seal which also represents ‘O’. The last three letters are in the green color symbolizes Indian flag.


So lets enjoy Happy Google Doodle of India 🙂


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