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Learn Bangla Alphabet,Numbers and Conjuncts with Android App

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Now a days kids & children are addicted to different cartoons & animation movies. So if you teach them through interactive apps, it will help them to learn alphabets, numbers etc. with entertainment. Lets learn Bangla Alphabets, Numbers and Conjuncts from Google Play Store 

Bangla Alphabet:

Hatekhori (Bangla Alphabet) is a Bangla Alphabet learning apps with sound to help children to learn Bengali Alphabet easily. This Android App is the best answer to the question, “How to learn Bengali alphabet easily? It is a self-motivated Bengali learning platform. Here either children or adults anyone can learn the Bengali alphabet with correct pronunciation and begin to learn the language in a fun and interactive way through the Android App.

Children learn not only Bengali letters but also words and spellings, sentence making and practice handwriting using their fingers as pen. The Hatekhori Android App is suited mainly for pre-school children, just beginning to learn the language and for adults, who wish to learn as well.

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Bangla Numbers:

Hatekhori Shonkha (Bangla Numbers) is a free kids bangla sonkha learning app to learn 123 numbers. Hatekhori Shonkha provides a well designed graphical content to learn numbers in a enjoyable way.


Bangla Conjuncts:

For kids learning Conjuncts is difficult. But it is no more difficult if you have Conjuncts app. Hatekhori Conjuncts is the only app which focus on teaching conjucts.

Lets discover the conjunct app & learn with fun


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