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Latest Smartphones With The Best Battery Life

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Long battery life is the most important feature that is expected in any phone. A phone might have a fast processor, high pixel camera, latest operating system and the like, but a phone which delivers long battery life and can withstand phone operations almost an entire day is what many people prefer. Smartphones which can perform multiple functions definitely require a long lasting battery. Take a look at the list of phones that have a remarkable battery life. If you want to increase your laptop battery performance, check How To increase Laptop Battery Performance.


"IPhone 4S in hand"


iPhone 4S :

The product from Apple, iPhone 4S has ample amount of customers owing to many reasons.  It has the capability to accommodate 3G and 2G connections which is an added benefit. iPhone 4S offers about 8 hours of talk time on a 3G connection and 14 hours of talk time on a 2G connection. Apart from talk time, it offers 6 hours of internet usage in 3G and almost 9 hours of surfing on Wi-Fi connection. 8 hours of talk time on a single battery charge is appreciated.

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HTC Droid Incredible 4G :

This phone allows you to talk for about 9.6 hours delivering an awesome performance. Droid is packed with Lithium battery which can be removed. The talk time that this phone offers is above average and has surpassed tests with many other phones. The S4 dual core processor in this phone is the main reason for the phone to consume less power. This is the best phone to save energy.




HTC One S :

Yet another product from HTC, One S provides its customers an impressive talk time of about 10.5 hours. This phone is powered with Android and has made use of the Lithium ion battery. Unfortunately, the battery is non-removable. However, the phone has not lacked the support of its customers mainly because of its long lasting battery.

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"Samsung GalaxyS III"


Samsung Galaxy S3 (GSM) :

Samsung Galaxy S3 which is a strong competitor for Apple’s iPhone. S3 provides its customers with a talk time of about 10.8 hours. This phone is packed with the latest Lithium-ion battery of 2100mAh which can be removed. The phone has been wisely designed to save energy when not required. For example: when the phone is set to save battery, it automatically reduces the brightness. This phone has equally impressed many around the world similar to the iPhone 4S.


"galaxy nexus"


Samsung Galaxy Nexus :

This Android based touchscreen smartphone with super AMOLED display impresses millions by offering 12 hours of unbeatable talk time. The phone takes advantage of lithium battery which has 1850mAh that is capable of being removed.


Samsung Galaxy Appeal :

This unique pre-paid phone delivers 12.5 hours of talk time. The 1300mAh battery can be removed and it has the capacity to withstand an entire day.


"Motorola Droid 4 Android Smartphone"


Motorola Droid 4 :

Motorola Droid 4 is similar to Samsung Galaxy Appeal in terms of battery life. Yes, this phone also delivers about 12.5 hours of talk time and is built-in with 1785 mAh battery. Even though the phone has a 4 inch super AMOLED display and 4G network from Verizon, the 1.2 GHz dual core processor provides the long battery life.


Droid RAZR Maxx :

Droid RAZR Maxx is the prince of phones with long battery life. RAZR Maxx offers an impressive talk time of about 21.5 hours. This phone uses a 3300 mAh Lithium battery that can be removed.


Droid RAZR Maxx HD :

This HD smartphone lets customers enjoy watching their favorite TV shows and latest movies up to 10 hours. You can continuously surf the web for 6 hours in a single battery charge. There is a special feature known by the name SMARTACTIONS which is built-in the phone. This feature allows you to set rules to save battery.

In addition to this, the phone adjusts itself to save extra energy by trying to allot more space for energy when being charged. It promises 32 hours of battery life on mixed usage. In spite of having all these remarkable features the phone has managed to remain slim and can easily be slipped into the pockets.

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More phones that come in the future might add up to this list. It is great to know that some of the widely popular phones have a long battery life along with the fancy features that they offer. If you like to add some phones to this list, you can by commenting below.

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