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Key Tips To Consider When Buying a New Smartphone

Written by Ahsanul Karim

There used to be a time when owning a smartphone already made one an instant celebrity as it was a relatively new variant of the cellular phone back then whose features went beyond the usual making and taking of calls as well as sending and receiving text messages.

Now a days, almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands. However, with so many smartphones going in and out of the market, purchasing a new smartphone can get very overwhelming. For you to get the most out of your smartphone, here are some tips on what to consider when buying a new smartphone.

How Did the Smartphone Come About Anyway?

A short overview of how smartphones came to be:

  • There were only two types of handheld mobile devices before smartphones came into the picture and changed the course of mobile technology and communication forever.
  • The first and most used type of handheld mobile device from the pre-smartphone era was the cellular phone or cell phone for short.
  • As already mentioned in the introduction, the cellphone was used mostly to make and take calls as well as send and receive messages.
  • The second type of handheld mobile device from the pre-smartphone era was the personal digital assistant or PDA for short.
  • The PDA was a handheld organizer where contacts and to-do lists were stored, and it also could connect to the Internet.
  • The smartphone came about after handheld mobile device manufacturers combined the features of both cellphone and PDA while gradually adding other elements previously found in personal computers, and the rest is history.

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What Things Should You Consider When Buying a New Phone?

Some people who buy smartphones tend to rely a bit too much on advertisements, pressure from other phone owners, and persuasive sales talk when deciding which phone to buy. As a result, they find themselves regretting their purchase later on when the phone they purchased gets busted less than a week after, or most of its features aren’t used as much. You can avoid falling into that same trap with these tips you should consider when buying a new phone.

  1. Buy a phone that’s within your budget:

 The kind of smartphone you’ll be carrying with you at all times depends on how much you’re willing to spend for one.

  • You might be tempted at first to spend on a brand new high-end phone thinking that it means longer lasting and better bang for the buck even if it falls way outside your budget.
  • However, today’s high-end phones can become tomorrow’s affordable ones as smartphones get old fast.
  • What you can do is to let the brand new high-end phone you’re eyeing go old after a few months until you can buy it without having to go out of your budget for a smartphone.

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2. Know which phone operating system you’ll find yourself most comfortable using in the long run:

Two of the most common operating systems for smartphones are Android and iOS, with Windows entering the smartphone game as of late.

  • You can go for a smartphone powered by the latest version of the Android operating system if you’re looking for a fuller selection of phones to choose from as well as a customizable user experience.
  • On the other hand, you can go for an iPhone – a smartphone made exclusively by Apple Inc. – running on the iOS operating system if you want an easy-to-use phone with timely software updates.
  • While not as popular as Android and iOS, some phones have been recently running on Windows in an attempt to bring the personal computer experience to the smartphone.

3. Go for a phone with a battery that can last for an entire day after a single charge:

 As each of the features you’re using on your smartphone can drain its battery little by little, you would want to buy a phone with a battery that can power it for an entire day after being charged.

  • Buying a phone on a tight budget doesn’t mean having to settle for one that lasts for less than half an entire day after charging its battery.
  • Going for a phone with a battery that can last for a whole day after charging it once saves you the trouble of having to charge it more than once in a day.

4. Buy a phone with the right-sized screen:

 The size of screen you would want for your smartphone depends on how you want to carry it and how you’re using it.

  • If you’re more comfortable using your phone with only one hand and putting it in your pocket, you can go for a phone with a screen that is either small or medium in size.
  • On the other hand, if you’re watching videos or playing games on the go, you have to go for a phone with a large screen.

5. Don’t rely on the advertised megapixels when buying a phone with a camera:

 A common mistake most buyers of smartphones commit is to buy a phone with a camera that has the highest number of megapixels currently available.

  • Megapixels aren’t a good indicator of a phone camera’s quality.
  • When buying a phone with a camera, you should look for the camera’s other specifications such as aperture, autofocus, and any other additional features instead.

Buying a smartphone might leave you dumbfounded at first when you’re taking a quick look at the latest models available and finding yourself unable to choose which one to purchase. Its better to know smartphone hidden security code. BuzzTech tips will help you taking right decision against buying a new smartphone and take home a smartphone that you’ll surely sustain for a long time.

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