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Join Wishfree Tech Blog Awards 2012 & Win Amazing Prizes

Written by Ahsanul Karim really excited to announce a contest – Wishfree Tech Blog Awards 2012, which will be ending on 12th October, 2012. Many of the nominees you will recognize others, may be less familiar. This will be a great chance for your blog/forum to gain exposure as thousands of users will be nominating their favorite tech blogs. 

 Here are terms & conditions:

"wishfree tech blog award"


What sort of Blogs will be selected for the Nominations?

  • Blogs offering news, updates, product reviews or guides related to technology can be the nominees of Wishfree Tech Blog Awards 2012.


How to Submit a Blog for Nominations?

  • Confirm your email address.
  • Once your blog gets approved you’ll receive a confirmation.
  • Invite your followers to nominate your blog.


How to Nominate a Blog?

  • Login using Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin
  • Search for your favorite blog and nominate it.
  • Invite your friends to support your favorite blog by nominating.
  • You can only nominate once, so do think carefully before submitting your vote.


How it Works?

On September 30th, 2012, shortlist top 10 blogs with the most nominations to enter into the final round. System will randomly select 200 members as jury among the users at, who will re-nominate the finalists. It is belief that this will give smaller or newer blogs a chance to shine even if they don’t get quite as many nominations as bigger and more established blogs.

On October 10th, 2012 final nominations will be closed and the winner will be announced on October 12nd, 2012.


Gift For Champion:

Winner will be given an e-certificate along with $100 cash prize to the Winning blog as a token of appreciation.


How To participate:

It is very easy to participate. Just visit blog contest site & fill out a simple form for the participation, providing  details about your blog and yourself.


Help Center:

For any help or queries contact email to get in touch

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    thanks for the information and i am excited to take a part in wishfree tech blog.and best of luck to all of my bloggers who take a participate in this contest.

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