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Is A New Penguin Update On it’s Way

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Back in April, Google released its Penguin update that really shook up the SEO world. Many websites were penalized due to certain SEO tactics used, mainly trying to target spam and trash links. But the aftermath of Penguin left a lot of companies and sites scrambling to get their links down with link removal tools. These sites were penalized for certain link building tactics, or rather penalized for link building tactics taking place on a given site. Now Matt Cutts is saying that a new update to Penguin may be on its way.

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The overall aim of the first Penguin update was to target sites that were overly optimized for SEO purposes, often meaning that they were linking to bad sites. A lot of other tactics took place that got domains penalized, for instance the use of keyword stuffing, unnatural anchor text usage, among others. For instance say you wrote for the site DigitalSatelliteDishTV, but if you placed it on a site that had nothing to do with television, or with an unrelated anchor text, then Penguin would hit you for that. Basically Google was trying to whittle down what was legitimate links, and what were trashy links.

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In fact, after the first round of Penguin updates, another version was released, but only affected a few sites, so it was nothing like the first round. With the possibility of a new update, SEOs might still have a reason to worry. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, has mentioned that no one will want to see the next of the Penguin updates. Reportedly, around 65% of SEOs were hurt. There is no telling how big the next update is, but it is fair to say that people should be on the lookout.

All of this seems to be more of an effort to cut down on SEO and link building tactics that are considered shady. It is good to see Google cracking down in order to deliver the best results to their customers. SEO still delivering quality link building approaches should have nothing to worry about, but in the case of lower efforts, people should be wary what they put on their sites.


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