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WordPress is certainly the most popular platform for bloggers. If we ask a blogger, what is the beauty of WordPress. Why is it so much popular among bloggers? There will be lots of answers. But the best answer will be its popular customized theme & user friendly plugins. Officially WordPress launched on May 27, 2003. WordPress already celebrated its 10th anniversary with glamorous outfit on May 27, 2013.


wordpress 10 years anniversary


Interesting Facts About WordPress Site:

More than 75 million sites are build with WordPress.  & its increasing day by day.

Every month “Wordpress” keyword search 37 million times in Google Search Engine. I still didn’t mention other Search Engine information 😉

WordPress is the most translated blogging platform.  You can get it more than 40 languages.

A research said, among USA registered domain more than 22% domains are build with WordPress. & globally 27% sites are build with Wordress.

WordPress gets more unique hits than Amazon.


wordpress employee list


WordPress has only 277 members to maintain their service. Can you believe it? So WordPress authority is looking new Wordclass CMS expert as well as developer.

In WordPress.com  site in every one sec. 6 new posts published.  But it is unknown how many posts published in self hosted WordPress site.

As most sites are build with WordPress platform, so WordPress developers have heavy demand. A professional WordPress developers earn $50 per hour. Can you imagine it?

Finally, most of bloggers think that why does WordPress the most popular blogging platform? The answer is simple. WordPress has thousands of themes & plugins which you can use without knowing any coding. If you love to know which theme other bloggers are using, simply check What WordPess Theme Is that?

WordPress released more than 100 new versions. Every version has unique name for example, Elvin,

Self hosted WordPress zip file download more than 46 million times.


So do you know any other interesting facts of WordPress? Share with us I am eagerly waiting 🙂


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