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  • Hi Ahsan, I really like this extension. I have one little problem that my AdSense account is not the same as my mail Gmail account. I’ve been struggling with this for the last year. I hope this extension will allow me to switch just for checking Adsense earning but not everything else. Either way this extension is really cool and I’ll let you know how I make out.

    • Your question is not clear to me. Are you telling that your gmail id & Adsense id (gmail id) is different? If this is your que. here is the solution. Go to Adsense Account Settings. Here Click Edit in Personal Settings. In Contact Email add different Email Id. A verification message will send to your mail. Click it for verification new email id. Mission successful 🙂

  • Very impressive plugin this extension uses the secure OAuth protocol to connect to your Adsense account. Next time onwards, it remembers your settings and will show you the real-time information about your Adsense account and the ads served on your websites.But my question is that is it secure for use?

  • The plugin worked like a charm for me for about a month after that it just stopped working,,even re-installed chrome,,but the plugin does not work

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