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How to Write Better Blogs for Your Website

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Bloggers stare the challenge of better blog content in the face every day. How can you write a post that’s as good as or even better than your last? How do you keep your readers coming back for more? A blog full of engaging content doesn’t happen by chance. Professional bloggers may have a proven formula for cranking out meaningful content, but content creation may be a challenge for newbie bloggers.


Below you’ll find some simple methods for writing better blog posts for your website – and yes, the methods are newbie friendly.


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Write Posts That Are Grounded In Reality:

Your readers will connect with content that’s related and relevant. Some say that those two are the secret sauce to building a popular blog. So strive you draw your readers in by using real life situations in your posts. For instance, if you’re a Search Engine Consultant, you can use case studies to discuss some of the problems your clients faced and detail some of your methods for resolving those problems – of course you’ll need to sanitize the names of your clients if they want to remain anonymous.

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Be Concise:

Reading on the web is a lot different from reading a book. Huge blocks of paragraphs that say nothing are off-putting so leave lots of white space in your posts. Write shorter paragraphs and make every word count.

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Use Headers and Bullets:

Building on the above point, sub headers, bullets, and bold text draw reader’s eyes to specific points on the post. So even if they don’t read the entire post, they’ll get the information they need if you use headlines to draw their attention to specific points.

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Copy The Pros:

Subscribe to RSS feeds to keep track of popular blogs in your industry. What are they doing differently from you? What lessons can you learn and implement on your own blog? Success leaves clues, so look to successful blogs and pick up a few clues.


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Craft Catchy Titles:

The title of the post is what draws people to your content, so it’s the most crucial part of your post. Your title should be the right length, so it fits on the search engine result page and sticks in your readers’ minds. Throw out a question every once in a while and see what happens. How-to and sensational titles also draw people in. You can check you Title, Meta description with Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool.


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Don’t Forget Multimedia:

Images, videos, slideshows, infographics and custom-made graphics will increase user engagement so use them as much as you can. With the emergence of social sites like Pinterest, you’ll increase the visibility of your posts when users share your images.


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Write With Purpose:

Finally, you must write with your audience in mind. Every word should be directed at that one person you want to connect with. Start with a purpose and make sure that every word brings you one step closer to achieving that purpose.

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