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How To Write An Effective Business Blog Post

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Blogs are being used by business as part of marketing strategy to improve sales. One of the content marketing survey results point out that in 2011, blogs were being widely used as marketing mix strategy by many Business to Business companies. The usage of blogs by Business to Business establishments saw about 27 per cent increase last year. This number is expected to rise year after year. With the increasing number of Business to Business companies making use of blogs, there is a need to produce quality Business to Business blog posts.

Here a few tips on how to write effective Business to Business blog posts have been discussed.


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General Guidelines:

  • Work on a plan:

Before you create and launch an active blog, it is necessary that you chalk out a plan and work per the plan. You can have targets set to carry out your research on the blog and carry out production involved in the creation of the blog. While creating a Business to Business blog, when you work as planned it becomes easy to study the progress of your work.

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  • Understand your target audience:

All B2B blog posts are directed towards a target audience. Before you create a blog post, it is necessary that you know who your target audience are. Understand what exactly they might be looking for in your blog post. You can carry out this task all by yourself or take professional help from a marketing company. Once you know what the target audience expects, it becomes easy for you to create content for your blog post directed towards your target readers

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  • Always look out for interesting topics:

Readers want to read blog posts that are interesting. As a B2B blog post writer, it becomes necessary for you to work on interesting topics. You can read blog posts in your niche and write on innovative subjects.


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Blog Topic & Content:

  • Use attractive headlines:

Blog post headlines have proven to be instant attention grabbers. You can incorporate a headline that grabs the attention of the reader. Avoid using headlines that are too lengthy. They occupy too much space and they are they do go down well with readers. Make sure that the headline tempts the reader to read the blog. Blog posts that have questions in the form of headline prove to be a big hit among readers.


  • Provide information:

Providing information through your blog not only makes it professional it also helps you gain the trust of your readers who can become your potential customers. Incorporate information like statistics, stories, real life incidents and testimonials so that a reader feels that he has educated himself by reading your blog post.


  • Write consistently:

You must keep track of the frequency of your blog post. You can write a new of blog post every week or two or you can update your blog post on a regular basis. If a reader finds your B2B blog interesting he will become a regular reader who will expect something new from your blog post every time he visits it.


Language and Tone:

  • Write in simple language avoiding jargons:

You must write a B2B blog in language that is easy to understand which is grammatically correct. Do away completely with jargons as they can confuse readers.  When you use jargons, you technically are right but the readers will not understand what you are trying to convey.


  • Be original:

When writing a Business to Business blog post, you must understand the subject you are working on and write about it in your style. Avoid copying work of other author and passing it off as your own.


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  • Avoid being sales through your blog:

A majority of Business to Business companies use blog posts as a platform to generate sales.  However, blog post readers do not like to read a sales pitch on a blog. Promoting products and services through your blog post is a good idea.

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Interaction and Networking:

  • Have blog linked with social media:

You can promote your Business to Business blog post on the various social networking websites. You can create an official profile for your company on these websites and link your blog post to your SNS accounts. This is one way to generate traffic to your B2B blog post.

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  • Invite interaction through comments or discussions:

You can make your blog post as lively and interesting as you possibly can by allowing some interaction. You can encourage your readers leave a comment or a feedback and reply it. Additionally, you can encourage healthy discussion among the readers of your Business to Business blog post.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Blog posts have proven to be liked by search engines as they provide many things search engines are looking for. Blog posts are being regarded as the simplest and the fastest way for a Business to Business company to be listed among the top search results. While creating a B2B blog post, you can use the various SEO tools and plugins that are available in the market. While working on keywords, you must use keywords that are search engine friendly.

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These are a few tips that can help you write quality Business to Business blog posts 🙂


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