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How to Use Facebook Scheduled Posts

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

You have a Facebook page for your business and you’re trying to squeeze in some time amid your hectic schedule to update status messages and post information about your business. Well, you can now update the status without spending time on it. Most of us have already tried using Social Oomph and Hoot Suite to schedule updates. The problem here is that Facebook shows which tool we’re using to schedule the update, and this makes it look unnatural, and the message we send looks less lively.


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However, we needn’t worry about it anymore as Facebook has enabled us to schedule posts. We can schedule our posts and make it look like real-time information. With this feature we will be able to manage our tasks better without social networking showing up often in our schedule.


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How to effectively use Facebook Scheduled Posts:

  • You can schedule updates about promotions you have planned for the near future. If you keep it for the last minute, many of your customers might not know about it at the right time. Thus, Scheduled Posts help you communicate the information before it is too late.

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  • You can have peaceful weekends without even thinking about updating your business’ Facebook page, if you schedule the posts beforehand. There are high chances of customers checking out updates on weekends when they’re relaxed. Therefore, you can make use of it and reach out to them and also enjoy your weekends without anything troubling you.

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  • You can place links to your old blogs in Scheduled Posts so that old content never goes stale. The hours of effort you put into building quality content when you just started a Facebook page for your business can still help you after months and years if you use them again. You can make use of it when you have nothing new to say.

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  • If you plan for an event, you can promote it by letting your fans know in advance. There’s a time for everything, but still there’s no harm in keeping them informed of what your business is up to, unless it isn’t too early or you haven’t yet planned completely. Once you are sure to go, you can announce it to them so that they wait for the day.

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  • It is a great way to send reminders to your fans or a group of people. If you decide to do it manually, you might forget to remind them and late reminders cause trouble. Therefore, you can use the Scheduled Posts feature as a tool to remind your customers of upcoming events or promotions.

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  • Scheduled Posts are helpful for those businesses that have customers overseas. You can easily schedule your updates so that it reaches them when they are awake and you’re sleeping. There are high chances of them responding to your updates if they see it happen real-time [though it is not so :)].


It is a very helpful feature for businesses to update their statuses and keep their schedules more organized. However, care should be taken not to update more than twice a day because when you update the status too often, your customers respond slowly, and gradually they might stop responding. This feature helps you use your time more effectively, but doesn’t take the burden of crafting compelling messages off your shoulder. Therefore, focus more on the content as usual and make the best use of the feature.

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