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How to Tweak Windows 8 To Support Multiple Monitors

Written by Ahsanul Karim

For years, people have wondered why Microsoft did not include ‘customizable taskbar’ option to their Operating Systems. Windows 8 now has the feature though no one knows why it took so long for the company to finally include the feature.


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Latest Operating System Windows 8 is causing high expectations from users across the world. There has been myriad news of on the various aspects of the Operating System.  It contains hundreds of new features and Microsoft has promised to add more features to their latest Operating System. It is compatible to touch and comes on tiles-based User Interface. Though the OS looks like a novel platform, it seems like an advanced version of Windows 7 with a new animation-enabled interface. The start menu contains grid of icons that can be customized to your convenience. You get live updates on the apps you have in place without actually downloading them. For example, the Windows 8 app not only shows the current temperatures but also the projected temperatures for the next couple of days.

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Windows 8 is greatly compatible with multiple monitors. They have enhanced the technique handling desktop backgrounds. You can use a single image on the desktop which can be mirrored on all displays or images can be changed for each display.  The taskbar provides few enhanced improvements like choosing the place for your buttons. Instead of being restricted to the same taskbar on every display, Windows 8 has features that enable you to display only apps that are available on a particular monitor on its taskbar.

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With hot corners available, you don’t have to go back to your primary display every time to use the ‘charms’ option and use to share pictures and other files to your friends. All you have to do is move your mouse to the nearest corner and the actions takes place on that particular display.

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With the availability of the new task bar on Windows 8, you can span multi-monitors and the task bar on each monitor can be personalized to match your usage or any Windows that opens on your computer. Here are few tips to tweak your Windows 8 to support multiple monitors:

On your Windows 8 Main Menu screen, right click in the taskbar. Choose Properties from the pop-up menu that appears. You get a dialogue box which contains multiple display options in the bottom. Each display has options to ‘check’ and ‘uncheck’ and you can choose one based on the number of displays you want enabled or disabled on the viewing taskbar. If you choose the ‘check’ option the task bar does not appear on your computer’s screen.

The dialog box has options to resize your taskbar. You can choose normal or small size depending on your convenience. You have options to automatically hide your taskbar or use ‘peek preview’ when the mouse hovers over it or lock it. You make the changes according to your requirements using the dialog box. You can also go to the task bar ‘settings’ to make the changes.

Customize your taskbar and monitor the way you want instead of sticking with standard User Interfaces that offer little or no options to customize. Finish you work smoothly and more competently with this feature. Customization is not very hard and it can be completed in a couple of steps. It is great to know Microsoft has finally included the multi-monitor taskbar feature that helps users customize their taskbar.


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