How To Stop New Site From Indexing By Search Engine

"Google Search Engine"
Written by Ahsanul Karim

Blogging is now popular platform to share your view or to earn. Everyday lots of bloggers are joining blogging community. But as most new bloggers don’t know the proper way to move forward, they can’t continue blogging.


Today I’ll share an important tips which I think new bloggers must know about it.

Most of bloggers start blogging by using WordPress or Blogger platform. Once you launch a site with a new theme, Google bot or any other Search Engine bot start crawling your site especially new content.


"Google Search Engine"


One thing you have to remember once any article or page indexed in Google, it’ll be added for a lifetime. Once indexed, it’s tough to erase from Search Engine. It doesn’t mean the article will be in the 1st page of Google Search, it can be in the last page of Google Search.

So every new blogger’s duty what he will be going to publish, must be checked before publication. Once published, you can do nothing. Google bot visit your site & cache it in Search Engine.

Suppose when you launch a new site, it is recommended to make some pages which will tell readers about your site.


For example,

  • Help


I see lots of bloggers make these pages then edit again several times. It’s harmful for your site. When you make these pages, all are cached by Google bot. But if you edit these pages, sometimes Google bot index old pages, not check the edited pages. But you already removed the old pages & added there new pages or edit the old page. So when anyone visit that page through Google Search, they will come 404 error page or they will see nothing in page. It will give bad impression about your site.


"wordpress privacy policy"


If you are WordPress blogger, you can follow this step to restrict Google Search from crawling your site.

From Settings go to Privacy.

Now select Ask search engines not to index this site.

Click Save Changes.


"blogger privacy policy"


If you build your site with Blogger platform, go to Settings.

In Privacy,

Select No in  Let search engines find your blog.

Click Save Changes.

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So from now on visitors will visit your site but search Engine bot will not crawl your site. Once you fully developed your site, you can change Privacy Policy for Search Engine 🙂


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